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At this time checkout is configured to ship to the U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. We are happy to ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses. For International destinations feel free to contact us for rates!
[ If you are looking for specific information related to SPORTS CARDS, see the FAQ below: "Do you offer any ECONOMY SHIPPING options FOR SPORTS CARDS?" ] -- S/H rates are based on USPS as the carrier. For parcels over a few pounds sometimes an alternate carrier can offer a savings. If a S/H rate seems excessive, feel free to request a rate using an alternate carrier. If we can work out a better rate for you we are happy to do so. -- Please note that there can, on rare occasion, be technical issues that cause problems with S/H calculations or order completion. If you suspect such a thing please let us know so we can look into it.
We may be able to arrange local pickup at a safe exchange location in the area of Toledo, OH, USA.
Garment sizing can vary significantly between brands. We try to provide enough information in the description. Measurements are taken with the garment laid out flat on a table. -- The measurement across the chest is taken right where the bottom of the sleeves connects to the body. Length is overall garment length top-to-bottom. Sleeve length is taken at the seam or break of the shoulder. -- Compare those measurements to a similar well fitting garment you already have. If information is lacking let us know what garment you are interested in and we can send you any additional measurements you need. -- Note that jerseys are generally cut pretty straight and stretching is minimal with the synthetic fabrics.
Please see our 'Terms' page.
S/H cost can be a consideration when ordering lower cost cards. If you wish to order just a single card and want to keep your shipping cost to an absolute minimum, for some cards we can offer Economy Shipping. -- We can use a lightweight cardboard mailer (similar to a CD mailer) and ship within 1st Class Letter rates. (We would still use a soft sleeve and a toploader.) -- THERE IS A CAVEAT, however, with this economy method as we cannot apply confirmation for tracking. If the piece is lost in the mail or damaged we offer no remedy. That's right--to put it bluntly, you requested Economy Shipping without tracking, we honored your request, the carrier lost or damaged it, and, unfortunately, that's the final whistle for that order. -- You are welcome to reorder if we have still have the item available. -- So, Let it Hereby Be Known to All These Present: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS level of service, but if you would like us to give it a shot to save you a little money we'll do it for you. -- BETTER: Order a couple more cards to make standard shipping more worth your while. -- NOTE: Economy Shipping is offered for quantity one (1) low cost/base type cards ONLY. Serialized or more deluxe cards and parallels do not deserve to be lost or damaged in the mail. We may opt to decline certain requests. (We care about our customer's needs, but we care about the hobby, too.) -- As we all know, the USPS is very reliable, but as they handle a gazillion pieces of mail every day, things can get lost or damaged. -- [ If something seems delayed don't be in a rush to give up hope. I once mailed a check across town to my plumber. Six weeks later he phoned me to politely ask whether I had sent a check yet. I stopped payment on the check the same day and mailed him another one. The very next day he received the first check I sent... ]
Packaging of sports cards is a concern for every collector. We all want our card in the same condition as pictured. -- First, you can be assured that we NEVER use the infamous plain white envelope (PWE). -- For orders of a few cards we typically place each card in a soft sleeve and a toploader. -- For greater quantities, at our discretion, we may opt to use a team bag or other method, with added protection to protect the face, back, edges, and corners of the deck. -- In general, we prefer to package with a bubble mailer with added protection as described above. For higher value orders we may opt to box. -- With these methods we can ship 1st Class Package or Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. -- Please also see the FAQ, 'Do you offer any ECONOMY SHIPPING options FOR SPORTS CARDS?'.
As one may gather from our store, our theme is rather focused. We do not stock a million sports cards. In most cases, when it comes to autographed, serialized, and deluxe cards, the card pictured is the one you will be shipped. -- While we do not stock a million sports cards, if we have 30 copies of a low cost base card, we do not have the time to scan every single one as there is no need to. You will be shipped a card of equal quality to the one pictured. -- We do not crop corners or edges in our pictures as some sellers do. -- Any time you have a presale question about the quality or condition of a card feel free to inquire!
For the benefit of collectors, there are several commercial services to whom collectibles may be submitted for authentication. ("PSA" is just one such service.) In the case of sports cards, such companies verify that the item is authentic and they evaluate the card's condition giving it a "grade" from 1 to 10 (10 the highest). Any significant manufacturing defect or anomaly may be indicated on the grading label with a supplemental code (misspelled, off-center, etc). -- One important thing these services perform is to confirm that the card has not had damage trimmed away, touched up, or altered to misrepresent the condition of the card. Altered cards are usually rejected. An authenticated card is then sealed in a hard plastic case (slab) with a serialized label to keep it protected and secure for years to come. Such services, or course, are fee based, so graded cards are usually higher priced than loose cards--but can be worth the money for vintage or rare cards. -- It is important to note that not all of these services are created equal. Some are considered less consistent in their practices and, thus, less reliable. So, the fact that a card is encased in a slab, with a label and grade on it does not necessarily mean that their grade is considered reliable among collectors. Any graded card you see in our store will be from a service generally trusted by collectors.